BREAKING SOUNDS: Obnox - Louder Space LP

posted Thursday May 1st, 2014

I think they must have a statue in Ohio dedicated to Lamont “Bim” Thomas. There are few out there like Bim, he’s a prolific mutherhumper who’s been at it since the early 90s with the Bassholes, more recently This Moment in Black History, and Puffy Areolas and his venom is just as potent now as it was then. His newest gig is called Obnox, under which he’s already cut a handful of singles and a couple of albums, one of which is a double LP. The dude isn’t much for sitting still.

Mr. Thomas slaps down a fist full of aces on Louder Space with the perfect genre-eluding sound that gets me drooling every time. Using beats woven through a joyously gulling guitar sound so soulful and dangerous, no joint goes unsmoked and no panties go unpeeled. You can buy Louder Space HERE or grab it direct from 12XU records HERE.

Check out the this great medley style video for “Molecule” and “How to Rob (The Punk Years)” directed by Noah Rosenstien, off of Louder Space and then go buy the record, .