INTERVIEW: The Goose is Loose: Poppin’ Off with Audacity

by Robyn Banks

posted Thursday Apr 17th, 2014

(Audacity are in the midst of a 27-date “Panda Express” tour with The Coathangers. I got to hang out with them all night when they played at the Empty Bottle on April 11th. Their tour runs through the end of this month, find dates here). As stated above, I hung out with Audacity all night and that also entailed doing poppers all night. Now let’s be clear: this stuff is legal and I guess it’s meant to loosen you’re a**hole before a** sex, but you can also huff it and it makes you feel like a wacky waving inflatable ...

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EXHUMED: Lost Kids Cola Freaks EP 7"

by Todd Killings

posted Monday Apr 7th, 2014

Danish punk legends, the Lost Kids, released one of the most chill-inducing punk moments ever recorded in that fateful year of 1979, and luckily our friends at Sing Sing have bridged the financial gap for you once again, bringing this top-notch Euro punk rarity into temporary accessibility, in it's original format. With a bizarre lineup boasting such a mismatched crew of weirdos charging forth in both disco wear AND garish corpse-type makeup, these songs will burn your eyebrows right off before it even makes it to your ears. Deliciously thuggish Rezillos-style sneer gushes over the misplaced, yet perfectly-fitting, ...

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VIDEO FEED: Dunedin NZ 1977: Friends of The Enemy

by Todd Killings

posted Tuesday Apr 1st, 2014

If you've found yourself falling farther and farther down the wonderful well of the seemingly limitless New Zealand underground music of the late 70s/early 80s, you've no doubt crossed paths with the likes of Chris Knox. Most notably the figurehead of the extremely prolific Tall Dwarfs and the ground-breaking Toy Love before that, Knox has been on countless releases, whether as a guest or in solo form, since 1978 up to the present. And as with any notable and iconic figures of the time, he also fronted an early punk band called The Enemy, which debuted in that magical year ...

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EXHUMED: The Exit The Exit EP 7"

by Todd Killings

posted Tuesday Mar 25th, 2014

Chicago's vast South Side in the late 1970s wasn't exactly the ideal breeding ground for punk rock, but as evidenced by the output of the prolific Disturbing Records label (Cunts, Meaty Buys, Painterband, etc) and a few shining examples of subversive culture festering in the shadow of the bleak shadow of Midway, such as The Imports from Hyde Park on Circkle Records, most notoriously, the band with the least-known history has always been The Exit. As noted numerous times, Chicago's disorganized, disconnected 70s punk 'scene' evolved on both the North Side as well as the South Side, with the latter ...

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VIDEO FEED: Akron, OH Punk: It's Everything and Then It's Gone

by Todd Killings
Rubber City Rebels hangin' tough in front of The Crypt
Rubber City Rebels hangin' tough in front of The Crypt
posted Thursday Mar 13th, 2014

"East Coast, West Coast, they Can Jump In The Sea. I Don't Need No Ocean, I've Got Industry" Akron is one of the several pivotal cities from Ohio that made major waves in the 1970s rock'n roll underground. Along with Cleveland and Columbus, Akron, or 'The Rubber City' it dug it's footprint deep into the history of the era, and with such vital contributions such as DEVO, Pretenders, Rubber City Rebels, Numbers Band, The Bizarros, Tin Huey and the Waitresses as well as the esteemed Clone Records imprint in their midst, who could deny them? This week we're featuring a ...

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People's Temple On Tour with LOOP

by Todd Killings

posted Monday Feb 24th, 2014

The People's Temple and legendary late 80s UK psych/shoegaze band LOOP are touring together this spring, don't miss this meeting of the minds: So at this point, the Lansing, MI band, People’s Temple, are pretty much an institution here at HoZac, and their anxiously awaited third LP is finally here and ready for you to sink your teeth into. Not necessarily an album formed in preconceived theme, akin to their debut, and More For the Masses, but similar to how the Rolling Stones’ Between The Buttons or The Seeds’ Fallin’ Off The Edge albums represented a ...

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RIP: Bob Casale of DEVO

by Todd Killings

posted Wednesday Feb 19th, 2014

It's another sad day for the underground, as the immortal Akron, OH heroes known as DEVO have lost their second member within the calendar year, first Alan, and now Bob 2 (aka Bob Casale) at age 61 due to heart failure. As the years go by and the peripheral landscape of the punk/underground world expands both farther back, and to the outer fringes, the trail of human development seems to all stem from the Midwest's fertile crescent of creative explosiveness, OHIO, and DEVO are easily one of their most important byproducts. As Bob wielded the always dynamic guitar ...

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Lost In The Stacks: The Kinks The Great Lost Kinks Album

by Dutra Scanlon

posted Wednesday Feb 12th, 2014

The Kinks were doomed from the start. The minute they signed on the dotted line, they cursed themselves to a record contract that would leave them poverty-stricken and drug addled, despite releasing some of the finest pop music (and arguably, the heaviest rock and roll) in their first decade as a band. Their tale of squandered opportunities, booze-fueled brawls, mismanagement, and their legendary banishment from America following a disastrous first tour are the stuff of legends. What isn’t so well known is just how insanely good every last scrap of their music is. And just as unknown is the ultimate ...

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EXHUMED: Electric Eels Jaguar Ride 7"

by Todd Killings

posted Friday Feb 7th, 2014

This is still hard to even fathom, let alone anywhere near realistic, but HoZac Archival Records is proud to present a little piece of history for you here, which, if you are still unexposed, will knock your "punk clock" back a few years, resetting your concept of what punk evolved from, where punk germinated from, and how unhinged the Midwest (Ohio in particular) was in comparison to the East & West Coasts in the days before the Ramones & Sex Pistols records littered the land. The Cleveland-based (and formerly Columbus) electric eels were unrivaled in terms of sonic mayhem for ...

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by Todd Killings

posted Monday Feb 3rd, 2014

If you've been paying any attention to the current wave of new Australian underground music that has been seeping out of the continent for the past decade, it will come as no surprise that we are witnessing a new awakening and a new era unfold right before our ears. And aside from the bigger-named acts such as Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control, it's well worth your time and effort to dig into the deranged world of music swirling around Angie Bermuda, the femme tour de force responsible for the sickening underlying sounds behind such reputable bands as

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by Frankie F.F.

posted Thursday Dec 12th, 2013

Alas and alack, the holiday season is here, and I know a lot of you's are probably shoppin' 'til you're droppin'. Well, fellas and fillies, while you're at it, just add me to your to-do lists! If ya see any of these gems out there while you're runnin' yourselves ragged, don'tcha hesitate to grab 'em for me! Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: "But sir, if you indeed feel that 'reading sucks', why would you ask for these books for Christmas?" Well, believe me, I got no plans to read any of 'em! But I think the covers of ...



by Frankie F.F.

"Are you ready.......for me?"
posted Friday Nov 22nd, 2013

Across the pond back in 1979, Arista Records released two punk/powerpop cash-in singles by a group called the Trainspotters. 'Cept the Trainspotters weren't really a "group" at all. English disc jockey Mike Read was actually the responsible party. He wrote the stuff, he sang the stuff, and now you're gonna hear the stuff! Presenting the B-side of the first single, "Hiring the Hall", and the A of the second one, "High Rise". Terrific shit. Download: "Hiring The Hall" Download: "High Rise" And, as a bonus, here's a clip of 'ol Mike hosting a game show called "Pop Quiz" ...



by Frankie F.F.
Quick Draw himself with Rodney B and some awesome girl in a terrible record store!
Quick Draw himself with Rodney B and some awesome girl in a terrible record store!
posted Friday Nov 15th, 2013

Okay, guys 'n gals, have y'all seen this? RAW POWER MAGAZINE Three full issues of this Los Angeles-based punk/rock fanzine, which put equal amounts of effort--and enthusiasm--into covering the sorta filth that'd appeal to both the fashionable punk brats in bondage pants and the SoCal stoners in bongwater-stained flares. Really, does it have to be either/or? "No way, dude" was the answer these kids gave, fortunately. Dictators one minute, Cheap Trick the next. KISS fans and Shock enthusiasts. Iggy and the Nuge. Ramones, Runaways, old man Fowley, fuck, even a (post-Dolls stint, pre-We Are Sexual Perverts) Blackie Lawless ...



by Frankie F.F.

posted Wednesday Oct 30th, 2013

In 1981, Bearsville Records released the terrifically titled "Girls to Chat & Boys to Bounce" album from...wait for it...Foghat. And the opening track, "Wide Boy", is a tuff powerpop number that has to be heard to be believed! Under 3 minutes? Check. Short, non-wank guitar solo? Check. Hooky, energetic, and fuckin' great? Check, check, and fuckin' check. Yep, this is Foghat, alright. As in, SlowRideFoolFortheCity Foghat! Check it out below. It'll be over before ya know it, so yer gonna want to listen to it again as soon as it's done. Awesome stuff, no joke, eat up, rock out, yer ...

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by Todd Killings
FURY live at The Academy of Music, NYC 1972
FURY live at The Academy of Music, NYC 1972
posted Thursday Oct 18th, 2012

Sonny Vincent is a true punk pioneer, we all know that already. But did you know how deep this man's well of punk madness really goes? Pull up a chair and get comfortable, as Sonny takes us for a ride through his world as a runaway kid in New York in the mid 1960s, up through the forging of punk in the early 1970s as his proto-punk bands, Distance, FURY, and Liquid Diamonds will soon attest. Sonny's voice has been sadly absent from all of the New York Punk biographies and oral histories, and now it's time to rectify this ...

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EXHUMED: Bizarros Complete Collection 1976-1980 2LP

by Brian Costello

posted Wednesday Jun 27th, 2012

With the hindsight of thirty-plus years, it’s clear that Ohio, statewide, was the reigning champ of mid-70’s to early 80’s seminal underground greatness. No other state produced such broad-spectrumed nonconformity—from the avant-whuh? coming out of Hospital Records in Cincinnati (to say nothing of Scum of the Earth’s legendary appearance on WKRP) to the oft-chronicled/better known p-u-n-k and art-shart oozing out of Cleveland and Columbus. And then there’s Akron. “Where the rubber meets the road,” said Mark Mothersbaugh to Dick Clark, when Devo appeared on American Bandstand in 1981. While surely an accurate city slogan, Akron was also home ...

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by Chuck Nolan
Photo by Stacey Egan 1989
Photo by Stacey Egan 1989
posted Thursday May 17th, 2012

On May 19th Chicago will be treated to the return of Redd Kross, who are in town for the Hozac Blackout Fest at the Empty Bottle. They will be performing the first [1980] Red Cross EP and the first full length Born Innocent [1982] in their entirety, along with some surprises. On the eve of this momentous occasion, Steven McDonald has been kind enough to grant Victim Of Time an interview. VoT: This year’s Hozac Blackout lineup is the greatest ever. How did this extra special first Red Cross EP and Born Innocent in their entirety show come ...

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Hozac Blackout Fest 2012

by Todd Killings

posted Friday May 11th, 2012

This year's annual Hozac BLACKOUT Fest is upon us and we're excited to say that it's possibly the most staggering lineup we've pulled together yet. Since 2001 (OK, well, we took 2007-2010 off) the BLACKOUT has been a glorious mess of Springtime in Chicago, doing it all, and, of course, "Overdoing it," over a long weekend, all to the best live soundtrack you can imagine. The lineup this year is as great as always, but maybe even a little more so with the startling addition of one of the first psychedelic rock'n rollers, Roky Erickson, into the fold, ...

continue reading Hozac Blackout Fest 2012...

EXHUMED: Mentally Ill 'Gacy's Place' 7"

by Collin M.

posted Friday Jan 27th, 2012

Despite a fertile proto-punk underground of writers and artists and an early recognition of the styles and sounds of the incipient new wave, the Chicago punk scene of the late 1970s was likely the most disparate and disjointed of any city of its size in the entire U.S. Of its bands and performers who today are whispered about in hushed reverent-tones (The Exit, Sundog Summit, J.T. IV, The Crucified), nobody knew they put out records, nobody even saw them play – outside their local neighborhoods, nobody even knew they existed. So while cities half Chicago’s size could boast trademark sounds, ...

continue reading EXHUMED: Mentally Ill 'Gacy's Place' 7"...

5 Shots: Cheap Time and Idle Times

by Canderson
Cheap Time in SF 2011
Cheap Time in SF 2011
posted Saturday Mar 12th, 2011

Whoa! So it's like Cheap Time all the time here at Victim of Time! Throw in a little Idle Times and it's time time in friggin' time indeed! Man, I'm dizzy now. Didn't run into Rawce in the office today since I'm down here in my lowly corner surrounded by cameras and empty beer cans, so I didn't realize he was doing a review of the Fantastic Explanations... LP. I was a bit hung over from seeing them last night at the Hemlock in SF. Got to Hemlock in time to catch the happy hour special of $3 monster Pabst ...

continue reading 5 Shots: Cheap Time and Idle Times...

EXHUMED: Berlin Brats Believe It or Rot 1973-76 LP

by Rawce

posted Tuesday Mar 8th, 2011

Finally, Hollywood’s first and foremost New York Dolls worshipping glam scum (and best band to appear in a Cheech and Chong movie), The Berlin Brats, have been given their just dessert with the release of Believe It Or Rot: 1973-1976. Eleven tracks of great, glammy, rock n’ roll recorded in what sounds like a fallout shelter. The obligatory inclusion of the “(I’m) Psychotic” 7” is found here on the A-side as well three other studio cuts, apparently discovered on a “lost” tape that one can assume had been left next to a boiler for the last three decades. ...

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