Blank Dogs, Wizzard Sleeve, Jeremy Jay Turn Up the Silent Barn in NYC Saturday

Blank Dogs at Beerland for SXSW 2009, photo by <a href=
Blank Dogs at Beerland for SXSW 2009, photo by Jason Fisher
posted Monday Apr 20th, 2009

Tonight, Blank Dogs are back in their hometown of New York to play a show this Saturday at the Silent Barn (shhh) with the LA electro dream pop dude, Jeremy Jay, and those crazy martians from Alabama, Wizzard Sleeve.

Now that the cloak has hit the floor and the mysteriousness of Blank Dogs has lifted like a blaring fog during their first US tour, it has fully revealed the illustrious and multifaceted talent of Mr. Mike Sniper who is, in fact, the brains behind the whole operation. Although those in-the-know early might have doubted that the bedroom-doom-disco-pop that set Blank Dogs at the top of their own mountain, might not translate that well on the live stage. But now to the contrary with all reports in, after adopting a full-line up, Blank Dogs live performances are all you could have hoped they would be, humming with reserved intensity, drowned in fuzz and blasting the same 'tude that comes off on the records. You can still get their latest, the hand silk-screened Seconds 12" EP on Captured Tracks right here.

Jeremy Jay takes the stage next. Where Blank Dogs ride the darker wave of introspection, this Jeremy Jay guy smooths it over with bubbly 80s beats that are brilliantly toned down by his lazy talk-style of singing, lending a vibe to his tunes that's both aloof and grounding at the same time. I get the same feeling listening to Roxy Music. After a performance by Wizzard Sleeve, it will be a welcoming chance to chill and dance like you use hairspray and wear neon. You can pick-up Jeremy Jay's LP Slow Dance here.

The real mind-blower Saturday night will be the opening act, Wizzard Sleeve. Recently going through a line-up change stripping the band down to the suet and bones of a two-piece, Wizzard Sleeve's sound has shifted a bit, but still carries heavily on their "the future is fucked and we'll prove it" schtick that ain't too far from the truth. Show up early for this one for sure, and keep an eye out for the debut Wizzard Sleeve LP on HoZac later this year.

Check out a live clip of Blank Dogs at SXSW this year, courtesy of BandloopTV, right here, and a new clip of Wizzard Sleeve just below that.