Eighth Continent

THE EIGHTH CONTINENT has been found at 731 Texas Street in Denton, Texas. We are a performance space and collective dedicated to the promotion of theatric, self-reflexive aural and visual art. Sounds with soul. Moves with groove. Dandy eye candy. All variety of eccentric acts and arts are welcome: from juggling, poetry, dance, fashion, spectacles, rock 'n roll, drama, interactive simulations, exhibitionist extravaganzas, to film projection. Cost is usually set at five dollars. BYOB only if you're old enough to drink it. If you're bringing beer in and refuse to pay, five dollars worth of your beer will be immediately confiscated. And the girl who works the door will not let you in if you have beer but no cash to get in. Bands show up at 8 please and play at 9, 10, 11, 12, etc......Thanks!

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