Wooden Shjips Kick Off Saturday Mind Bender at Bottom of The Hill

Wooden Shjips Live 2007 at Beerland by Todd Killings
Wooden Shjips Live 2007 at Beerland by Todd Killings
posted Wednesday Sep 12th, 2007

Saturday evening at the Bottom of The Hill in San Francisco, join the Wooden Shjips for a crystallizing experience of light, sound and an endorphin release as they kick off a thick night of psychedelic delirium destined to stick deep into your short-term memory bank. The majestic and elusive Shjips are quickly becoming the darlings of the new psychedelic movement in the Bay Area, and with good reason as their drifting and seamless songs snare and seduce more folks each day with each successive and impressive release. After a high-visibility appearance at the Fuck Yeah Fest in LA a few weeks back, and a 40th anniversary of the Summer Of Love commemorative 7" that just surfaced (their third release without any sleeve artwork) last month, it's just further proof that the storm they rode in on last year has no signs of letting up.

As of this week, Holy Mountain have just released Wooden Shjips' debut album and although the severe layer of fuzz might seem more restrained at first, it's still the reliable atmospheric drone-and-swell formula that's brought them to where they are today, and not surprisingly with such critical acclaim. With their next two 7" releases already slated for Sub Pop and Pollymaggoo in the coming months, it's easy to see how their hypnotic hooks latch onto so many different taste makers all coming from different direction, but all heading toward the same conclusion: it grows on you like mold. Apparently, a bonus CD of the Wooden Shjips debut 10" and Sick Thirst 7" is included with the first batch of 2000 CDs (vinyl LP edition is due out next month and can be pre-ordered HERE), so if you're still trying to track those essentials down, there's your easy way out. You can check out the entire LP streaming HERE for another heavy dose of their prescription-strength grooves buried in echo-laden waves of satisfaction. If you haven't already, feel free to go right ahead and grab a copy HERE along with what has to be the last copies of their Summer of Love 7" single while your head is still swimming in their chemical equation of what the natural extension of Krautrock still means in today's society. Saturday night they are joined by Seiichi Yamamoto of the Boredoms and Suishou no Fune, both who share similar visions of blurry grandeur and should effectively round out your head-friendly evening at Bottom of The Hill, so don't screw up and pick up advance tickets HERE.

check out a clip of the Wooden Shjips performing "Mirror of Sound" at The Hemlock in March of this year, right here...