VIDEO PREMIERE: White Mystery "Bad Neptune"

posted Tuesday Jun 6th, 2017

White Mystery is back with a new video for "Bad Neptune" from their nasty new long-player, Fuck Your Mouth Shut, which has all the charm and sweetness you'd assume was not part of the confrontational FYMS concept. The new track & video shine with primitive jangle and corner a deep-ended sound, bellowing with bravado and wanderlust. "Back on the Road Again, I'm High As a Kite" runs right off you like water off a duck's back, swaggering over an infectious sparkling guitar line.

"Bad Neptune" echoes classic simplicity, hand-claps, anthemic choruses and airtight riffs, check out the video below and pick up a copy of the new Fuck Your Mouth Shut LP wherever fine records are sold. And since festival season is ramping up, you can easily grab a copy direct from the band this weekend at their next live appearance. And it's a major one!

This Saturday, within the confines of the lurid Logan Squareset Strip, the Rock'n Roll Market is set to blast off around back at East Room at the punishing noon hour, complete with a massive spread of bands, vendors and brain-frying good times. Organized by Alex White of White Mystery for the past two years and getting bigger with each passing turn, it's a day-long reason to get blasted way earlier than you should, and spend all of your lucre on everything from vintage clothing, books, and records, to dildos, locally-made hot sauce, and Ludwig Drums.

With live performances by The Evictions, Easy Habits, Yoko & the Oh Nos, Flesh Panthers and White Mystery, it's going to be a full day of blastitude, so don't get too smashed on Friday night. Otherwise, if you just CANNOT help yourself, there will be tons of Red Bull on hand, assuredly, as they along with Deep Eddy Vodka are there to get you where you need to go, both mentally and gastrointestinally, for this wild day of good times and gnarly local bands.

Get to East Room early and check out the video NOW!