VIDEO PREMIERE: The Scenics 'Wild Trout' (1978)

posted Friday Oct 23rd, 2015

Here’s an exclusive on the second video from Toronto art-punk pioneers The Scenics’ new/vintage album In The Summer. “Wild Trout” was written and recorded in 1977, about one year after the band got together.

The Scenics’ Andy Meyers says- “One of the Scenics strengths is that we had two full on songwriters, myself and Ken Badger. The first video for this album was from one of my songs so of course we are going to follow up with one of Ken’s. For five years as young kids he would bring in a great song like “Wild Trout”, and It would stop me in my tracks. It would drive me back to my guitar to try and come up with a song that would do the same thing to him.”

In The Summer features 6 songs each by Meyers and Badger, all written and recorded in 1977/78. It’s coming out on vinyl from Rave Up Records (Italy) on Oct 27th, and is available now on CD and digital right HERE.

STREAM the video for "Wild Trout" right here: