VIDEO PREMIERE: Heavy Times 'Black Sunglasses'

posted Monday Sep 21st, 2015

Heavy Times may be the most shape-shifting band of the past five years, but if one thing is for sure, every time they manage to lock down a solid lineup, it's pure gold. It's been a minute since their last release now, and after their European tour in 2014, they ended up taking an official 'hiatus' but anyone who knows these knuckle-breakers knows damn well that you can't keep them down for long. The volatile yet brotherly chemistry from Bo Hansen and Matt Courtade will never really subside, so it's really never a surprise to hear of their upheaval and another glorious return to the fold of Chicago's underground punk throne.

Just in the last calendar year, Heavy Times have moved through bass players Russ Calderwood (Radar Eyes/The Runnies/TheDirges) and Chris DeArcangelis (MAMA) and now Bobby Burg (Love of Everything/Joan of Arc), yet they can still play as a two-piece if they have to, and sometimes they do just that. New drummer Tim Thomas has locked into place well, so be sure to catch this dynamic band any chance you can get, it's a guaranteed good time, especially if you've had a few of those good-time, easy-drinkin' beers. And now these guys have a new EP in the works, four blinding tracks of brilliant punk minimalism, coming this fall on HoZac Records, as well as another 7" coming around the same time on Randy Records as well, so your fall should be thick with the heaviest of times.

But without further ado, we present the new video for the title track of the Black Sunglasses 7" EP, coming soon!

(video by Shiraz Dada)