VIDEO PREMIERE: Giantology "Fe Fi Fo Fum"

posted Wednesday Mar 1st, 2017

We are back with another hot-shit video premiere for you this week from the incorrigible mind of Joey Rubbish, one of Chicago's finest examples of a multi-faceted musician, with his brand new duo project, Giantology and their first video for "Fe Fi Fo Fum." Rubbish has been making a name for himself over the past five years as an integral member of several notable Chicago bands, but at this point it might be hard to keep up. Just in the last year, Dr. Rubbish has been rubbing himself all over such notable bands such as Son of A Gun, MAMA, and his own solo project that's unfurled into a full band, The Rubs (as well as solo synth pop project GUSHH), and now he's even got yet another project going, Giantology, with cohort Gina Gigantic that's currently out west tearing up the National Parks circuit with a swath of deeply paranoid premises declaring their other-worldly origins.

In their first video, we catch Mr. Rubbish really coming into his own as a music video director as well (jeez dude can you slow down?), and what an incredible clip indeed! Shot on location in the desert, impeccable editing and high-def as fuck, "Fe Fi Fo Fum" continues the bizarre "large and in charge" angle that sums up the nexus of Giantology, keeping that essential Rubbish fire of blistering pop hooks simmering under the surface.

As one of the very few people in the wide world of music that are instrumentally ambidextrous as well as being a top-notch songwriter AS WELL AS a producer and now video director, the question stands as to what can really STOP Joey Rubbish? Will it be an anvil falling from the sky, will he succumb to a rare form of gigantism that cannot be reversed, or will he simply explode from all of the ideas bumping around inside his head? We may never know, but one thing is for certain, Joey Rubbish is one dude to keep an eye on. Despite what band he's playing in, he's joining the ranks of the modern underground legends Jay Reatard, Rich Crook, and Jered Gummere, all masterminds of each instrument in their cadre, which is a great talent pool to dive into.

So saddle up and check out "Fe Fi Fo Fum" from Giantology and get ready for the upcoming Impossible Dream LP from his impeccable pop vehicle, The Rubs, out in a few weeks on HoZac Records as well.

2017 Giantology Tour Dates:

3/2 Phoenix, AZ - The Compound
3/3 El Paso, TX - Monarch
3/24 New Orleans, LA - Circle Bar
3/27 Mobile, AL - Merry Widow
3/28 Panama City, FL - A&M Theater
3/31 Tampa, FL - The Hub
4/1 St. Petersburg, FL - The Bends
4/4 Orlando, FL - Will’s Pub
4/7 Miami, FL
4/8 Fort Lauderdale, FL - Poorhouse
4/10 St. Augustine, FL - Shanty Town Pub
4/11 Atlanta, GA - 529
4/12 Asheville, NC - Mothlight
4/13 Harrisonburg, VA
4/14 NYC TBA
4/15 Brooklyn, NY - Alphaville
4/16 NYC TBA
4/17 Philadelphia, PA
4/18 D.C. - House Show
4/20 Cleveland, OH
4/21 Detroit, MI - Kelly’s Bar
4/22 Cincinnati, OH - The Comet
4/23 Bowling Green, KY
4/24 Indianapolis, IN
4/28 Chicago, IL - Cole’s Bar