VIDEO FEED: The Saints TV special

posted Tuesday Sep 29th, 2015

Is there any original punk band as seriously invigorating as Brisbane's favorite sons, The Saints? By now you've probably seen the trailer for the Stranded film and it's got you itching for more on the vast 70s Australian scene, so what better time to catch this rarely-seen documentary on one of the top 5 punk bands of the original wave? Filled with interview segments with original members Chris Bailey, Ivor Hay and Ed Kuepper as well as Nick Cave, Brad Shepherd from Fun Things/Hoodoo Gurusm Mark Callaghan from The Riptides, and many more, this hour-long in-depth look into the cultural & political climate in mid-70s Brisbane is not to be missed. And luckily for us all, there's a wealth of incredible archival footage of The Saints from this era, most notably the promo videos for "I'm Stranded" and "Know Your Product" but also included is a prime edition of their incendiary 17 minute-long set from Paddington Hall circa 1977 that will strip the skin right off your bones if you haven't experienced it. A true document of raw power like few other bands could muster, and an essential piece of live evidence as to their incredulous punk trailblazing prowess.

Yes both The Saints and The Ramones have recordings dated back to mid-1974 so it's not worth your time to argue who was first, as both bands did their part to create the noise we all love so much to this day, so dig into this documentary before it gets pulled down for rights violations, and check out the FULL Paddington Hall set, as well as the promo videos as a bonus, it seriously just doesn't get any better,

Pull yourself up to date with The Saints records from 1977-78 wherever you can find them, why not here?

"I'm Stranded" promo video 1977:

"Know Your Product" promo video 1978:

"This Perfect Day" live on Top of the Pops 1978