VIDEO FEED: MC5 'A True Testimonial' (2002 documentary)

posted Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2016

If you were as lucky as some of us to get to see this incredible piece of rock'n roll history on the big screen during it's reign at the independent film festival circuit in 2002 then you might not be AS excited as if this is your first time, but rest assured, this epic documentary nails this band to the wall of history just as they should be featured, loud, proud and as revolutionary as anything you've ever seen. Sadly, guitarist and founding member Wayne Kramer, who had complete approval of this project (as his numerous appearances and dialogue can attest), decided to take an opposing stance once the film really started to take off, and subsequently, his estate declared that the filmmakers somehow did not have permission to make the film, much to the behest of the rock'n roll community at large.

Filmmakers David Thomas and Laurel Legler even won an award (2002 Raindance Film Festival) for the film and despite it's glowing reviews across the board from rabid fans and newcomers alike, the Wayne Kramer stance held firm and unfortunately this incredible document slipped through the cracks, despite so much potential and such a job well done. If you were at the 2004 HoZac Blackout Fest you might have even had a chance to purchase a bootleg DVD copy of the film, but if you simply weren't in the right place at the right time, there's a VERY good chance this might be your first and ONLY opportunity to witness this amazing documentary in all it's bloody glory, before the powers that be decide to have it pulled down from Vimeo.

So kick back and set this film into full-screen mode and bear witness to the spectacle of one of the most primal and original proto punk bands of the 1960s before it's too late!

MC5- A TRUE TESTIMONIAL (2002 documentary).mp4 from ann sequinworld on Vimeo.