VIDEO FEED: Keith Richards 'Life' BBC documentary

posted Thursday Dec 18th, 2014

We'd like to wish a very happy 72nd birthday to the rock'n roll icon who defies logic, all laws of health science, as well as the forces of nature, the one and only "human riff," Keith Richards! How Keith has outlived his peers (I mean who's REALLY his "peer," right?) has been confounding scientists for years now, as his astronomical appetite for drug abuse and alcohol knows no equal, yet he still walks this mortal coil, and for that drug dealers everywhere can rest easy, as the shining beacon of tolerance remains unwavering, and still performing on stage today. As a founding member of the Rolling Stones, Keith has been through it all and his rich recorded legacy with the Stones will be pondered upon for the next 50 generations, not to mention his ability to sustain such levels of intoxication on such a regular basis for 50+ years.

The book Life (Keith Richards/James Fox, 2010) has been adapted by the BBC in an hour-long documentary we've got for you here, so go ahead and eat that brandy-soaked apple and kick back and revel in the amazing story that is Keith Richards' incredible life playing guitar in the Rolling Stones, and toast to his continued perseverance. In a world where life is so short, long live KEEF!

STREAM the 6-part BBC documentary below, and by ALL MEANS grab as much Rolling Stones material as you can possibly get your hands on, right HERE.