VIDEO FEED: 'Cracked Actor' Bowie Tour 1974

posted Tuesday Jan 12th, 2016

Sometimes our pillars of Rock'n roll crumble a little too close to each other and it sends those of us overwhelmed with their life force to face the task of mourning someone we never got to meet, yet had such a profound effect on our happiness. David Bowie's dramatic exit left everyone crushed, it wasn't the same with Lemmy Kilmister last week as most people had known of his current bad health conditions, but Bowie kept his cancer under wraps, and maybe that's why it's sending such waves through the rock'n roll underground, as well as the mainstream. But sometimes a certain ugliness comes out, especially on social media, attempting to dismantle those warm feels that only you can get from music that's locked into your inner puzzle, so it really needs to be said that one of the most important things you're going to have in this life is your friends. And you've got to be honest here, how many of your friends would you really have if it wasn't for this amazing, dynamic, and endless world of music we get to immerse ourselves in? Twenty percent? Ten percent? It's scary when you think about it.

Music appreciation is a bond so strong, it's hard to explain it to the non-obsessed, but here we are with the crushing feeling that we've somehow "lost" something that wasn't ever anything tangible, yet the feeling is devastatingly personal. The raw fact is that music really does something it was never really intended to do, it's a great unifying force that can be something as simple as talking to a kid with an interesting band t-shirt in grade school or something as destiny-manifesting as meeting someone you spend the rest of your life with at a live show. You know you've cracked the code when you meet, but it's interesting to think that the music actually plays a part in this, it's why you are at the same place, it's the binding of so many relationships, and it's just limitless. Find out more about music and you WILL find more friends who are just as excited as you are, it's a jolt of adrenaline that's not easily found, it weeds out the fakes, and it's really important.

So it's times like these that we really have to thank David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister, Brett Smiley, Otis Clay, Adam Roth and so many more obscure artists, because sometimes these losses really cut close to home, I know I felt it the hardest when Lou Reed died but it's still the same, the devastation of mortality. Not familiar with one or two of those names? That's the best part, DISCOVERY, it's all right here, we are lucky to be alive in the most accessible time in our history when it comes to finding music to comfort your withered soul. So hold your friends tight, they might be all you have left someday, and never forget that the music will last forever, so make all you can while you can, and listen to everything you can as well. You may not live forever, but if you touch the right amount of people with what really inspires you, you get to live on forever, as music is really the key to immortality.

So kick back and check out this 1974 Bowie tour documentary Cracked Actor, and pass it on to your friends, you know they'll appreciate it.