VIDEO FEED: Buster Brown (pre-AC/DC, Rose Tattoo)

Buster Brown 1974
Buster Brown 1974
posted Tuesday Mar 22nd, 2016

"Buster Brown is my Name, Rock'n Roll is my Game." Fans of tough-as-nails Australian rock are no doubt already severely indebted to the seeds of seminal proto-punk/hard rock missionaries Buster Brown, who under the guidance of protagonist Lobby Lloyd, put together one of the most important bands of the 70s Aussie landscape, featuring not only future AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, but also Angry Andersen, Geordie Leach, and Dallas 'Digger' Royall, all future members of Rose Tattoo. And although most AC/DC fans are somewhat oblivious to the Buster Brown material, as well as the first AC/DC lineup with the original singer, it's imperative that these primordial moving images be seen.

The entire mid-70s Australian hard rock landscape is a wild and wonderful place for anyone with an inkling of interest in "white-knuckle rock" and the breadth of bands to discover is far and wide, with many other bands similar in style to the Vanda/Young (nee Easybeats, AC/DC, Supernaut, Ray Arnott, etc) template to warm up to, not to mention many bands that would splinter off into the emerging punk movement a few years later, like Ian Rilen, who would defect from Rose Tattoo to form the seminal thug punk icons known as X.

So without further delay, kick this video into full-screen mode and immerse yourself in the shimmering tension of brutality displayed by the raw, stripped-down, and powerful performances here from Buster Brown, one of mid 70s Australia's finest hard rock specimens.