Tyvek, Guinea Worms Play The Charleston in NYC

Tyvek photo from The Hemlock 2007, by <a href =
Tyvek photo from The Hemlock 2007, by canderson
posted Thursday Jan 24th, 2008

Tyvek and the Guinea Worms are playing a couple of dates together over the weekend and making stops in Columbus, Cleveland and New York. On Saturday they'll be playing at The Charleston in New York along with locals Spectacular Bird and Golden Error, and with a pretty good mix like that, it should be an exciting evening.

Opening are Spectacular Bird, a quartet who play clean, folky, and harmonious tunes that go from bouncy Velvet Underground melodies to more candied glam that falls in the same poppy field as Marc Bolan. Featuring Dave Lerner, the former bassist for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, they've yet to release anything, but meanwhile you should check out their myspace page here.

Next up are Golden Error, whose debut split single with LiveFastDie this past year laid out their arty, angular, and almost Wire-y sound, and with LP worth of material yet to surface you can bet we'll be hearing more racket from these guys soon.

The Columbus Ohio, Guinea Worms have been kicking around the fuzz bucket for a whopping decade now under the reptilian wing of Will Foster, but you'd never tell from their catalog which you could probably count on 4 fingers––CDRs included. Recently releasing their Box of Records 7" single on Columbus Discount Records, the accolades are rightfully raining down, as their mix of slightly sluggish 60s-style slingers smash directly into more urgent sounds of post-punk, and will stick in your gut like a parasitic worm.

The headlining act, Tyvek have over the past couple of years kicked up quite a cloud with their cleverly dangerous anomalous jams, and there's no doubt bands will be duping them for years to come. Their sound has an acutely personal tint to it that strips the silliness of positioned image in music down to the skull with songs like "Honda", for instance, reminding you that the pleasures and escapism of driving a car is less about the vehicle itself, and more about the experience.

Tyvek and Guinea Worms are also performing at the Cake Shop in New York on Friday with Men's Tennis.

check out a video of Guinea Worms live at Town Hall Pub in Chicago last year, right here: