TRACK PREMIERE: VECTOR COMMAND "Ports of Venus" (1983-84)

posted Monday Jun 25th, 2018

When it comes to post-punk from 1st wave 70s punk bands, there are many great examples of how the nihilism of 1977 translated into the 80s, yet from a band as important as CRIME was to the 1970s, it's remarkable that until now, there haven't been any strong connections to the next wave. Introducing VECTOR COMMAND, a 2-man dark synth punk outfit from San Francisco circa 1983-84 with an ominous new direction from their CRIME personas that's got to be heard to be believed. Featuring Johnny Strike and Joey D'Kaye, VECTOR COMMAND is about as far from CRIME's gnashing guitar pummeling as you can get, as a matter of fact, there are barely any guitars on this material at all, pushing their envelope into the nether regions of primitive electronics, a la early Kraftwerk, and Silver Apples, albeit far more unsettling.

In the next few weeks this completely unreleased/unheard LP System 3will be unleashed on HoZac Archival Records for the first time anywhere, but we have the very first track from the LP here for you this week. "Ports of Venus" is a slithering and sinister synth wave exercise in subtle yet visceral minimalist magic. Much of the unreleased LP covers ominous soundscapes, sizzling with orgone analog energy, not too far off from the likes of Factrix, mid-period CHROME, the 2nd Suicide LP, as well as textural terrors similar to Throbbing Gristle and early Tuxedomoon.

From danceable dissonace to nightmarish nuances that run the gamut from fear to elation, VECTOR COMMAND brings a droning and hypnotic tension-filled album of 80s analog synth to the public, finally, after over 30 years collecting dust. Check out "Ports of Venus" right HERE and stay tuned for MORE!