TRACK PREMIERE: Soursob "Blow"

posted Thursday Jun 17th, 2021

We’re excited to announce the debut LP from Glasgow’s SOURSOB this month, a viciously minimal 3-piece that does so much with so little, yet packs such a powerful punch you won’t soon forget. A bass-driven groove holds these songs in an awesome aggressive limbo between the lush, heavy-noise of the post C-86 sound and the brash early 90s invigoration of riot grrrl noise. Like nothing we’ve ever encountered, their anger toward simple modern pleasures is just short of breath-taking, dragging everything you hold sacred into their pit of resilience. Thick accents drizzle over thick blocks of drastic fuzz as each song bleeds effortlessly into the next, encompassing some of the catchiest choruses this side of Dolly Mixture, yet with a sinister darker underpinning, all tied into their increasingly hypnotic bass lines.

With the three members of SOURSOB originating from Glasgow, Lithuania, and Australia, they are currently in limbo post-pandemic, but with the immediate impact of this crushingly infectious new LP, they hope to be bashing it out in front of live crowds again soon. Such an impressively confident collection of songs here, and your fleeting taste for craft beer, cocaine, watching TV on a cell phone, and Berlin in general, is very much “on the line” with these sublime and profound revelations. One these teeth sink in, you won’t believe how you’ve lived this long without the sickening throb of SOURSOB!

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Check out "BLOW" right here and pre-Order the debut LP, right HERE.