TRACK PREMIERE: Melkbelly 'Bathroom at the Beach"

posted Thursday Jul 2nd, 2015

Chicago's ripe with great upstart bands, and this is no more apparent than with the prolific Melkbelly, who are already onto their second vinyl release this calendar year, this time in the form of a proper 7" single. Seeping with irresistible hooks, invigorating screams, and melodic bursts of ingenuity that you won't see coming, you won't be able to shake off the feeling, and it's this combination of elements that just might push you over the edge. The Breeders comparison comes cheap, and it's truly effective, but Melkbelly also seem to channel the lesser known mid-period Muffs material, (or even reaching so far as Dickless) here on "Bathroom At the Beach," complete with post-grunge guitar lines interwoven with those riveting screams in all the right places.

To pull off this style surely isn't easy, and Melkbelly prove here on their second outing, that they've got a lot more to pull from this well of deconstructed pop music, as the song races to a deathly end, reminiscent of the sound of all the oxygen being sucked out of the room, a stunningly perfect ending to a new song that's gonna have you gasping. The new 7" should be in stores as of this week, so pick up a copy at your favorite spot, or direct from Automatic Recordings, right here.

STREAM the new Melkbelly track "Bathroom At the Beach" right here: