posted Wednesday Mar 11th, 2015

Oh MAMA, look what you've done! Chicago's bountiful rock'n roll underground has many, many, shades of greatness that will continued to be overlooked by the outside eyes and ears but luckily if you're living it up in this great city, you know how important the "City" is in "City Rock," which MAMA delivers in spades, every day, every night. Falling somewhere stylistically between your hard rock fantasies and your power pop nightmares, MAMA have arrived with their first step into the world's most perfect format, and will be releasing their Night Shoot double 7" EP with Automatic Recordings next month. We have a first taste for you this week, right here on VoT, of their signature party hit "25 Forever," which has sealed in more than a few good times in a whiplash-inducing live setting over the past year.

While their sound has been consistently compared to Thin Lizzy and The Dictators, they are far more complex than they appear on the surface, as they also handle that far more difficult pop end of the spectrum quite smashingly. With their irresistible metallic 70s/80s pop grooves interweaving such diverse touchstones as NWOBHM dilettantes Marseilles, Milwaukee thug-wavers Ozone, and even hints of those elusive Blue Ash hooks and the early Nervous Eaters punch, MAMA have a lot more going on than the typical band going through the motions, and their deep well of music knowledge and electrifying stage presence will only add to their growing rock'n roll prowess, which builds with every Michelob-soaked night, the heart of the CITY.

STREAM "25 Forever" right here and pre-order the upcoming 2x7" EP from Automatic Recordings right HERE.