BREAKING SOUNDS: Flesh Panthers Debut 7"

posted Saturday May 31st, 2014

Chicago's favorite party band has made its rip-roaring vinyl debut with this melancholy yet reckless self-titled 7", a four-song offering loaded with loss, desire and drinking. Flesh Panthers is street punk rock 'n' roll put through a blender—melodic leads wind through a snarling rhythm guitar, fuzzed out bass and in-the-red lyrics. Boisterous backing vocals marked by plenty of yelping and yelling add to the sonic frenzy, evoking the house-party vibe that so often accompanies the band's gigs. The B-side's "Charged Hair" definitely delivers the fury, a howling ripper barreling like an out-of-control train toward an imminent wreck.

Check out Flesh Panthers tonight, Saturday May 31st at Cole's Bar in Chicago with Le Tour, Hollow Mountain, and Bihari Beach, as always, no cover charge and cheap drinks keep your head in the right place.

Buy it here from Tall Pat Records.