TICKET GIVEAWAY: Eddie & the Hot Rods

posted Tuesday Oct 14th, 2014

Have you heard? Eddie & the Hot Rods are playing a rare Chicago show on Tuesday October 21st at Double Door!

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When it comes to pre-punk UK bands of the mid 1970s, one name seems to always rise to the top, and that name is one you're probably familiar with, but maybe you just haven't thought about in a while. Along with Dr. Feelgood (have you seen THIS VIDEO?), and Joe Strummer's pre-Clash band The 101ers, Eddie & the Hot Rods came blasting out of Essex in 1975 with such a high-energy smashism that they made an immediate impression on the burgeoning UK proto-punk scene and were quickly signed to Island Records in November '75, establishing themselves as the first band of this style to nail down a major-label contract for this yet-unnamed style of youth angst masquerading as "rock'n roll." Strummer is even on record mentioning the Hot Rods were the first band he saw advertised as "punk" in a concert listing as well.

Another historic event the Hot Rods were involved with was the early 1976 concert at the Marquee Club with a brand new group called The Sex Pistols, as the opening band for their first London appearance. As 1976 progressed, the Hot Rods continued to storm the emerging "punk" venues, and topping attendance records, clearly signifying that this new sound wasn't just a fluke, and that the floodgates were about to burst open with fresh, raw talent. Before the end of that same year, the Hot Rods recorded their debut single and LP Teenage Depression, which was instantly well-received and the title track even was prominently featured in the classic punk film Rock'n Roll High School, cementing their legacy into the punk pantheon.

Check out a smashing SkyDog TV live video in three parts, right here: