Strange Boys Get Busted

the Strange Boys 2006 by Alex White
the Strange Boys 2006 by Alex White
posted Wednesday Jul 19th, 2006

The Strange Boys evoke a wild-eyed, porcelain-skinned innocence that is capable of summoning the wayward spirit of Brian Jones. The mystery of the South couples with the mastery of rhythm making to create a sound that is completely timeless and familiar, yet absolutely raw and avant-garde. Greg Enlow’s syncopated, organ-driven grooves hark back to the Seeds pushing too hard while guitarist Ryan Sambol’s acute voice wavers beyond comparison. Older brother Philip Sambol keeps the pulse with the aptly named Matt Hammer, who unmercifully pounds an old Ludwig set. With only a seven-song demo available on their website, it’s titillating to imagine what the next step is for these Dallas, Texas adolescents. “The States Newest Noise Makers” is yet to be released by any record label, though it is easy to imagine the songs surging out of any Califone between “The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators” and Wire’s “Pink Flag.”

The Strange Boys’ concerts are manifestations of their unbridled fervor--- and there is no shortage of live video footage online. Their rousing performance at Beerland on July first was surpassed only by the culmination of their late show at the Tillery Street Warehouse, which entailed some of the members being arrested by the Austin police. While it seems unreasonable to incarcerate fellow Texans for drinking alcohol in a state with drive-thru liquor stores, such is the stigma of youth. For a glimpse of the more innocent days, check out the weird, psychedelic photos of the then trio playing the Dallas Highland Park High School Battle of the Bands in 2004.

Hopefully the Strange Boys will pay their dues to society in time to play upcoming shows in Dallas and Denton this summer--- check out their schedule, news songs and favorite Nietzsche passages, HERE. After all, just as ol'Freddie said over a century ago, “Only sick music makes money today.” Check out some of their songs and check out a couple video clips below.