Spits Set to Destroy Los Angeles

SPITS Live at the Subterranean 2006 by Canderson
SPITS Live at the Subterranean 2006 by Canderson
posted Thursday Jul 13th, 2006

The Spits are one of the best bands in America and everyone knows it. After an armload of amazing singles and three fluid albums of equal parts Ramones-cum Reagan Youth and Devo-gnarled Tubeway Army quirk, Erin Wood moved out of Seattle with his girlfriend last year and landed in Los Angeles. You'd think this kind of separation from his brother Sean, and their drummer Wayne would be a tremendous strain on keeping the band together, but then again, it's the Spits, and these guys were born to kill. How are the hundreds of miles apart affecting the Wood brothers? Well, the four-track machines keep on rolling and if you are in any way partial toward the weirder, more arty, and less thuggy Spits tracks like "Black & Blue," "No Place To Live," and "Fire" then you'll really sink your teeth into their next batch of off-centered and pleasantly unsettling recordings. Always with an ace up their sleeves, these guys have miles and miles to go before they run out of steam, and with their impending second European tour coming up this fall, their influence will set even deeper into the budding electro-punk sounds emerging daily, especially in France. This new stuff is almost bordering on weirdo bedroom DIY material, and we just can't get enough of their oddly addictive and always refreshing electrique garbage. Their next full-length album is slated to be on Swami Records, and will even possibly be out by the end of the year (according to their website's message board, but with the distance between the Wood brothers, it may take a little longer). Here, you can check out four new collages of Spit-sound that may or may not induce schizophrenia and may or may not appear on their next album. In the meantime, be sure to check out Erin & Jessie's new Manson-fueled VOLT-charged 'Glue-Wave' punk machine based out of the LA gutters, and ominously called SPIDER, who have an upcoming debut 7" on Hozac Records later this year. This weekend the Spits headline the totally bodacious 'Sun Fest' in Los Angeles at the Scene, along with a stellar supporting lineup of the Lamps, Guilty Hearts, Thingz and the Despicables. As always, hit them up HERE , buy some "urban assault gloves" HERE, and check out some newer songs linked below...



"Real Gr8 Life"

"Ron McSkeleton"

Here's Ernie Quintero's 2004 Tour Trailer :