Spider Bags Drench The Hemlock with Les Hormones

Spider Bags Live 2007 photo by <a href=
Spider Bags Live 2007 photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Nov 14th, 2007

Some say it's the changing of the seasons that brings on the inherent need for jangling guitars and dark melodies to dance in your head, but when a band like the Spider Bags waltzes into your town, they don't really need a reason to encourage your consumption compulsions any more than you're already inclined. This Friday at the Hemlock in San Francisco, come on out for an early show that really shouldn't be missed, and redeem your chances of embracing the hard-living sounds of The Spider Bags as they join local party-smashers Les Hormones on a wild, bleary-eyed hayride through the hopelessly drunken lineage of raw and real Americana. Spider Bags are an unlikely homegrown amalgamation of some of New York's DC Snipers along with like-minded New Jersey pals who have since relocated to North Carolina, and have engulfed themselves in a gritty and twangy sphere of heartbreak, executed with the blathered vocal style that made the Rolling Stones' "Dead Flowers" such a venerable milestone in song writing. While they've garnered comparisons to both Nick Cave and Shane McGowan, their style is affirmed by a wide range of gravelly influences that never really go out of vogue, and allows them to elude any knockoff comparisons with great ease. Check out the Spider Bags ragged and necessary debut album on Birdman Records when you get a chance, or just pick up a copy from the band while they're on the home stretch of their tour, and see for yourself how well it works with your next hungover Sunday morning.

As much as Spider Bags may be adept at warming, then breaking your withered heart, it takes an agitating antecedent like the Bay Area's Les Hormones to fully get your head on straight before the weekend really kicks in. Les Hormones break out in all directions but keep the 60s-style trash tempos right on par with their forefathers, and regurgitate some of the most danceable and deranged good-time gunk you're likely to find anytime soon. Whatever you do, get down to the Hemlock early, and don't forget the encore performance by the Spider Bags Saturday night with King Khan & BBQ Show at Ghost Town Gallery for a taste of that authentic aural salvation.

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