Smith Westerns Play Town Hall Pub in Chicago

The Smith Westerns at Cobra Lounge, photo by <a href=
The Smith Westerns at Cobra Lounge, photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Jan 9th, 2008

Playing the Town Hall Pub in Chicago tonight, The Smith Westerns are a group of young dudes who currently attend a Northside high school in Chicago and play perfect slop pop. Much like some of their predecessors, The Penetrators, Alarm Clocks, or any number of Back From the Grave-style 60s bands, their music rides the line between charmingly novice and tunefully infectious. With loosely structured songs that are laid out in modern, disenthralled take on frat rock, they bang out songs that are as fun and as they are disheveled.

The Smith Westerns haven't released anything officially yet, but their debut single is due on HoZac Records sometime this coming year. And for now you can just hang out here and listen to some of their tunes.

Show up early tonight and catch the Town Hall Pub talent show and stay for The Smith Westerns.

Check out the video for their song for “Irukandji” and tell me you don't think of the Penetrators.