Slovenly's Debauch-A-Reno Rock'n'Roll Party This Weekend

Subsonics in Chicago 2004, photo by <a href=
Subsonics in Chicago 2004, photo by Canderson
posted Friday Sep 5th, 2008

The geniuses over at Sticker Guy/Slovenly Records had so much fun throwing their 15th Anniversary Party this past summer they thought they'd throw another bash before the weather turned shitty. Set in Reno, Nevada at the Underground and dubbed the Debauch-A-Reno Rock'n'Roll Party, the one night shindig boasts the sort of glorious binge drinking that instantly turns nebbish, pasty and introverted music enthusiasts into superheros blathering their manifestos spiked with hiccups. And with a line up like this, their transformation will be fully justified.

Opening the festivities is an early show on Saturday, which is an all-ages event, and features locals The Humans, and the Scurvy Bastards, along with the Tuscon-based party mainstays the Okmoniks, who play twice during the festival. The Okmoniks released their first full-length record this past summer on Slovenly Records after spending years with only a couple singles and piles of fans slobbering over their brand of saccharine R&B humpers that effortlessly up the party ante with every ass-slapping note.

Then later, as the teens are ushered out, the gala continues for the 21 and over crowd with a packed bill and dueling stages. The Seattle clean punk/bubblegum, Head, whose greatness has been touted by Goner for years, are playing on the main stage. But the highlight of the evening will certainly be the Atlanta three-piece, Subsonics. Playing a perfect trotting mid-tempo Velvet Underground sound, these guys' last release since their excellent full-length on Slovenly, A Lot to Forget, was a live split single with the Black Lips recorded at the infamous Atlanta club, Clermont Hotel released on Rob's House Records this past year. With another new split single due out Rob's House this time with Tiger! Tiger!, hopefully they'll be making the rounds here in the States soon.

Saturday's bill also has a surprise guest appearance. Any guesses who? There's a primer pre-party featuring the Rock'n'Roll Adventure Kids at the Eyeball house tonight, as well, so don't miss it!

check out a clip of Subsonics performing "Voodoo Doll" from Sleazefest, courtesy of ghoulardi, right here...