Pussuaders, Overnight Lows, Black Rose Band Tonight At Saturn Bar

Overnight Lows Live at Beerland 2007 by Todd Killings
Overnight Lows Live at Beerland 2007 by Todd Killings
posted Wednesday Jul 11th, 2007

Tonight at the Saturn Bar in New Orleans, a show will go down so high in aural caliber that it could only happen in some sort of fantasy. Just when you thought that this ugly world would never provide you with a compatible significant other with similar taste in music, and you're doomed to spend the rest of your life arguing about what what music is going to be played in the car on the way to the grocer, the prayers you've been crying into your soggy pillow have final been answered. There are girls out there that appreciate bands like The Persuaders. The Persuaders were one of the mid-nineties rawest punk acts featuring the now-iconic King Louie. Just last year Shattered Records released an anthology of their complete work that included such guttural and savage hits as “Hot Stix,” and “Back in the Ring” and brought the New Orleans act to a whole new audience years after they disbanded. The Pussuaders are an all-girl Persuaders cover band featuring Alix Brown (Queen Louie) formerly of the Angry Angles and The Lids and are set to open the show.

King Louie, the man himself, will also be performing with his newest venture, Black Rose Band. Known for his unique ability to craft pop-perfect songs and insert thorny hooks over often sub-ethical lyrics, King Louie Bankston is, without question, one of this era's best songwriters. Unlike his prior work with The Persuaders, his one-man-band, or even The Exploding Hearts, he's songs with the Black Rose Band come off with a sweaty and sweet southernness that's as appealing as it is quintessential perfect rock music.

Also appearing is the Jackson, Mississippi act Overnight Lows, who desperately need to release a single. They have been kicking it around for years now with a pretty original sound that melds a dollop retard drone with scorching guitar, and the end result comes off like a short bus packed with dynamite––party dynamite. Headlining the show is the New Orleans act Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat, who, with more sonic efficiency than anyone (Quintron plays 3 instruments one of which he invented) are one of the most amusing acts to see live.