PREVIEW: Dark Mofo Festival in Tasmania

posted Friday Jun 20th, 2014

Tomorrow in Hobart, Tasmania is an underground gathering of synth-heavy Australian acts that's going to be looked back at historically as one of the pivotal events of this era. As part of the Dark Mofo Festival spanning this entire week, heavy hitters of the noir-punk world are congregating in a glorious din of mesmerizing reverberations, including the likes of Total Control, HTRK, The Native Cats, Kirin J. Callinan, and Nun, along with many others of their kindred ilk.

For a week-long festival in such a remote part of the world, this is an incredible coterie of acts comprising one of the world's most-watched music scenes during it's natural evolution, and as anyone with ears knows, Australia has literally been boiling over with talent for the last decade, and now it's coming to a head.

Band Name
DARK MOFO Festival

The new book Noise in My Head: Voices from the Ugly Australian Underground written by Jimi Kritzler (Slug Guts/White Hex) has been released in Australia and coming soon to the US/Europe via HoZac Books next month, and is well-represented here at Dark Mofo with Saturday's lineup. Ominous punk and droning, pulsating rhythmic noise bleed together to form a sticky plasma-like byproduct that you'll find yourself hopelessly stuck in, like a fly in wet paint and oh yes, that's a good thing. So if you're lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere this weekend en route to Tasmania, by all means break any unimportant plans (and bones) to be in attendance at this historic performance.

Stream the new LP from Total Control out on Iron Lung, right HERE, stream the incredibly sparse and tense split 7"EP from The Native Cats & UV Race right HERE, and check out the video for "Uri Geller" from the debut LP from Nun (on Aarght/Avant, and out soon in the US on HoZac) right HERE and have a g'day before everything inevitably crumbles down around you.

Nun - Uri Geller from Nun on Vimeo.