Pop MTL Slays Montreal This Week

LiveFastDie live 2006 photo by <a href=
LiveFastDie live 2006 photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Oct 3rd, 2007

This week in glorious Montreal, you'd be a fool to miss out on the spectacular music, art and film shebang known as Pop MTL, with four crazed nights of rock'n roll retardation destined to soak your life up like a filthy sponge. Similar to Austin, TX's SXSW fest in many ways, it's a great slice of local and national bands that's going to be painful to miss, not to mention all that mouth-watering poutine! Starting Thursday at L'Escogriffe, come early to check out the brilliantly erratic noise of NYC's rapidly developing Golden Error along with hometown smashers, the Confusers as they warm up the griddle for the scum-washed pop perfection of LivefastDie, who are freshly back from their first European tour. Friday's blast takes place at Quai Des Brumes and sets the controls back to ground zero with the careening freight train tour of Cococoma and The Hipshakes rolling through town with the Turpentine Brothers in tow, which is already as bombastic as need be, yet the 'fest mentality' always stacks another bomb in the arsenal just to be safe. The still unrevealed 'guests' in the opening slot are anyone's guess but if you put your mind to it, it just might be that golden opportunity that you've always missed out on, a Spaceshits reunion!

Saturday's lineup moves over to Club Lambi for another lethal dose of mind-splitting punk carnage with furious sets by Career Suicide and Jay Reatard. CS's brash hardcore-glazed firepower multiplied with Jay's volatile and occasionally sensitive verbal assaults should have everyone breathing heavy and sweating bullets. And if you're still standing after yet another test of your physical/musical endurance for three straight days, then Sunday's showcase back at L'Escogriffe should be exactly what you're looking for. Montreal's own psychedelic mind melters, Panopticon Eyelids start off the evening and it's the perfect way to round off your overindulgent wild weekend. Check out their album on OhNo Records for a heady dose of serious delirium assured to help straighten out your split ends, and open your dirty mind. Speaking of which, the artistically-named Nutsak and Attack of the Microphone also share the bill, all in anxious anticipation of the headlining rulers from Detroit, Tyvek. We've gone on ad infinitum about the Tyvek crew for the past year or so, but they seriously just keep improving by leaps and bounds to the point of excruciating pleasure. Check out any records by them you can find and do not miss their stellar live blasts of Messthetics-laced deliciously angular pop garbage.

Check out a video clip of Golden Error performing "Tunnels" courtesy of jordivision right here...