Ooga Boogas Blast Off US Tour Tonight in SF with Pets, Hank IV

The Pets live in San Francisco, photo by<a href=
The Pets live in San Francisco, photo byCanderson.
posted Thursday Sep 11th, 2008

The Ooga Boogas are kicking off their US tour tonight at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco with the beloved Pets, and Hank IV for supporting acts. The Melbourne, Australian act follows the primeval path that many of bands from the little island down under have gone since as far back as the mid-60s. Featuring members of Anal Birth, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, the Onyas, and the Sailors, it seems this outfit has wrangled pretty much every notable band out of Melbourne over the past couple of years, so the stakes are pretty high here. And after last years short visit to the States to perform at the coveted slot at the annual Goner Fest in Memphis, it's clear we're not the only ones already on to these guys. On their new album Romance & Adventure recently released on Aarght! Records, they mix it up with the guttural and dapper caveman shtick aping the sort of 60s stuff off the Ugly Things comps that probably got these guys on the right track early on. It should be a great set.

The Pets just released their first full-length LP, Misdirection, on their own Static Impulse imprint. After squirting out a handful of solid singles over the past couple of years, the time was ripe for a full gulp of their brand of throaty, pop-ish punk that lands somewhere close to what Sonny Vincent and his group the Testors were doing decades ago. Pumping in a modern snarl between cockeyed guitar hooks and cocksure songwriting, these dudes will probably be leaving with all of our girls and that's OK too, because they're awesome live and they deserve them more than you or me. Be sure you pick Misdirection up if you're at the show tonight or order a copy (and any other Pets releases you may need) HERE.

Opening the show is Hank IV who've got their second full-length, Refuge in Genre out on Siltbreeze next month and you can count on a pretty thorough beating within its grooves. Their songs are equal parts brutal and fun, and they seem as level headed as a libertine preacher at the bottom of a booze binge. Get there early girls, it's gonna be a fun night!

Check out a video clip of The Ooga Boogas from their opening set at their Melbourne launch party, courtesy of knomadix, right here: