Meth Teeth Tour Coming Your Way

Meth Teeth Live in Vancouver at Pub 340, photo by <a href=
Meth Teeth Live in Vancouver at Pub 340, photo by Jason Fisher
posted Thursday Jul 3rd, 2008

This week, Portland, Oregon's newest band of off-center rapscallions, Meth Teeth will embark out on their first national tour, traveling down the West coast, and off to the South and Midwest, ushering in a new age of psychedelic songwriting that is certain to create a stir in the status quo of modern music. Combining the power of jangling guitar high notes and creepy unaffected vocal delivery over muddy and ominous grooves that swell and ebb with disgust are just some of the many strong points that Meth Teeth embrace. Even with their one 7" EP release available, their range shows great promise, and it's not a surprise to see quite a few respectable, forward-thinking record labels all lined up to eagerly release their next batch of recordings. With a thunderous delivery that effortlessly straddles the line between mellow and harsh sonic textures, Meth Teeth may have a name that instantly turns off stubborn non-believers on principle, but when you let yourself succumb to their creative twang of distinction, fans of Sic Alps, Thee Oh Sees and their ilk of non-conventional psyche pioneers will be bowled over big time.

With the four songs that encapsulated their EP in constant rotation around our offices, it's great news to hear that a follow-up LP is due out before the Fall, and Sweet Rot Records will mark their entrance into 12" territory with predictably brilliant results upon its release. Add more Meth Teeth singles to the fold with a forthcoming 7" on Woodsist, along with a highly anticipated split single with Christmas Island coming soon on Sacred Bones, and by this time next year, you won't be able to move an inch without running into a Meth Teeth fanatic, trembling and begging for change to buy more Meth Teeth records. So if you're still not holding the Bus Rides 7" EP, you still have time to pick up a copy of the small repress HERE before everyone else catches on, and if you see them coming anywhere near your vicinity over the next few weeks, it's in your addictive personality's best interest to come out to see them live.

If you're planning on coming to Chicago for the Victim of Time SNOOOZE FEST July 18-20, catch Meth Teeth live Friday the 18th at Beat Kitchen, along with kindred mind-benders Disappears, Box Elders, and Radar Eyes for a proper head-spinning you won't soon forget.