Mayyors Slide Up the West Coast

Mayyors Live at Hemlock in San Francisco 2008 photo by <a href=
Mayyors Live at Hemlock in San Francisco 2008 photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Jun 4th, 2008

This weekend, along the upper stretch of the West Coast, Sacramento brain-smashers, the Mayyors are embarking out on a short tour through Portland and Seattle before returning back home to their lucrative day jobs. Yes, not everyone can just put their lives on hold and spend four to six weeks out on the open highway visiting city after city, having the time of their lives, and some people actually have to show up at work on Monday. Mayyors are one of the loudest and most volatile new bands on the West Coast, and with Chris Woodhouse (FM Knives guitarist extraordinare, and A-Frames producer) sewn in at the base of the operation, it's guaranteed to come off with the maximum amount of animosity and leaves no margin for error. Incorporating former members of Sexy Prison, Sores, Standard Tribesmen, and Gift of Goats, Mayyors clearly have their longstanding dues paid in full. It's just that their debut self-released Marines dot Com 7" on Waste of Oil Records is one of the year's best singles so far, but unfortunately one of the hardest to find.

As one of the fore-running bands in the "let's stay off the internet" mindset, Mayyors might be one of the toughest bands to track down, as well, so keeping up with their shows and records is just a little more difficult. If punishing heaviness deliriously dovetailed with contagious, wiry aggression is in your bag of soiled delights, then Mayyors are right up your alley. You might already feel them breathing down your neck. Miles better than Pissed Jeans in the song writing department, and more cohesive than the Brainbombs in their negative creativity, Mayyors are certainly moving mountains, but they'd much rather be left alone to break down those walls of sonic confinement without any extra attention.

Just announced this week, Mayyors have their second 7" in production, due for release at the end of June, again on their own Waste of Oil imprint. So if you love living on the wrong side of the tracks by choice, and your curiosity's peaked, keep an eye out for their next burnt offering of caustic punk carnage. Check out Mayyors live and in person Friday night at East End in Portland for Eat Skull's LP release party, Saturday in Seattle with The Intelligence, then back again in Portland at the Twilight on Sunday before heading back to Sacto to get back to work in the morning. Check out the Mayyors' soundtrack to the Jay Howell video, The Forest City Rockers Motorcycle Club, right here...