Marked Men: As Hard as Pop Can Get?

Marked Men at Empty Bottle, Chicago 2006 by Canderson
Marked Men at Empty Bottle, Chicago 2006 by Canderson
posted Tuesday Jun 27th, 2006

Pop music, as I’m sure you are well aware, has had a seriously bi-polar effect on punk rock. Mostly, it has given jagged glass chomping, nihilistic raw rockers another reason to reject societal norms and to create the shiticidal sounds they feel most represents the antithesis of so called "popular modern rock" On the other hand, you have some boppers who, like let’s say the BUZZCOCKS or the SCIENTISTS, would rather embrace the more friendly and melodious nature of radio ready tunage whilst retaining the jagged edge of the more raucous blastings. Enter the MARKED MEN…. featuring ex-members of the REDS and THE RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS, they have arrived to save your pathetically dull nightlife. Sounding absolutely nothing like the later and more polished and original than the prior, their particular brand of hook-laiden, absolutely anthemic, fist pumpin’, catchy as the AIDS, speedpop feeds your need to both crack a fucking smile every once and a while and dance your zit-covered ass off. A really great aspect to the MARKED MEN is that they are equally accessible and thoroughly enjoyable to the jaded punk asshole who claims to have "heard it all" then "been bored with it," AND the mall punk moron who has only been exposed to the dregs of what we call underground rock (not to mention all of yous in between). The MARKED MEN will have all of you goodtime addicts, young and old, flapping around like a monkey on moonshine in about two seconds fuh-lat. Listen jerks, I’ve seen these guys 10 plus times, in 5 cities, and from Austin to Minneapolis they’ve left me happily shattered and riddled with that "joy of punk" that one doesn’t often achieve in this diluted, overpopulated, band a minute age. With some pretty flawless, pretty amazing raw pop records available on labels as cool as Shit Sandwich, Dirtnap, and Rip Off, I’m finding it goddamned crazy that I’m writing this instead of you. On tour in support of their new full length on Swami records, the MARKED MEN are gonna blast your socks the fuck off, and you may even, no you will, have a little thing I like to call f-u-n. So go friggin’ check the shit! Ya heard…..

Jul 3 2006 423 Tillery Austin, TX

Jul 20 2006 Lost Cross House Carbondale, IL

Jul 21 2006 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL

Jul 22 2006 Kraftbrau Brewery Kalamazoo, MI

Jul 23 2006 Cafe Bourbon Street Columbus, OH

Jul 24 2006 Rancho Relaxo Toronto, ON

Jul 25 2006 Quai des Brumes Montreal

Jul 26 2006 Abbey Lounge Somerville, MA

Jul 27 2006 Southpaw (Dot Dash Year IV) Brooklyn, NY

Jul 28 2006 Flywheel East Hampton, MA

Jul 29 2006 Khyber Philadelphia, PA

Jul 30 2006 Howler's Pittsburgh, PA

Jul 31 2006 Ottobar Baltimore, MD

Aug 1 2006 Atomic Burrito Charlottesville , VA

Aug 2 2006 Bull City Records Durham, NC

Aug 3 2006 Lenny's Atlanta, GA

Aug 4 2006 Black Owl Trading Co. Florence, AL

Aug 5 2006 Hi Tone Memphis, TN

check out an unfortunately dark, but great sounding video for "Someday" shot earlier ths month in SF at Annie's Social Club...