Jacuzzi Boys and The Shrines Tear Up Denver

Jacuzzi Boys Live in San Francisco 2008, photo by <a href=
Jacuzzi Boys Live in San Francisco 2008, photo by Canderson
posted Thursday Jul 17th, 2008

Tonight at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, Colorado, it won't just be the altitude making you dizzy as Jacuzzi Boys and King Khan & the Shrines roll into town with technicolor voodoo vibes emanating from all directions. As the last leg of their US tour comes through Denver tonight, and carries on through the Midwest this weekend, the time truly has come today to get up off your couch and witness the dazzling spectacle of Khan's full-tilt funk/soul extravaganza, coupled with Jacuzzi Boys' Gun Club-tinged psychedelic slime punk explosion. Having just signed to Vice Records mere weeks ago, Khan and his entourage of party people are mining the early 60s brassy R&B sound with a gut-busting 8-man band delivering Sam & Dave-style jams that keep all the asses in the house shaking uncontrollably, each and every night. While their latest album, The Supreme Genius of King Khan & the Shrines is a best-of culled tracks from his Hazelwood and Voodoo Rhythm releases over the past eight years or so, it's still a fresh and rambunctious introduction to the other side of his repertoire (the other being the well-known King Khan & BBQ Show). From some of slower Psychedelic Shack-era Temptations-style burners, to the sloppy and greasy James Brownish barnstormers, you can always count on Khan & company to shoot their infectious juice straight into your gut, and resisting them is not even worth the effort.

Opening up the floodgates on this first national tour are Miami, Florida's eerie and alluring Jacuzzi Boys, who float in on a hot cloud of misty and hypnotic grooves that suck you into their morbid world of jangling, distant guitars overlaid with ghostly chants that swell and recede like the sands of time slowly slipping through your tarnished soul. With a rollicking beat that sticks to your ribs and forces you to look deep within yourself for the answers to life's toughest questions, Jacuzzi Boys have that magical "something" that you'll feel the first time you hear them, and all of this fans the flames of anxiety as we finally get to see these guys on stage. With the waves of adoration they garnered from their debut 7" on Florida's Dying last year, and their tour-only split 7" with King Khan on hand for the tour, it will be a pleasantly acidic surprise to see their brand new Island Ave. HoZac 7" on their merch table Sunday in Chicago as they close out the third night of our first annual SNOOOZE FEST at the Beat Kitchen.

check out a clip of Jacuzzi Boys performing "Dream Lion pt.1" from their new 7" EP, courtesy of alligatorboot, right here....