Indian Jewelry Turns On Chicago Saturday At Ronny's

Indian Jewelry Live 2006
Indian Jewelry Live 2006
posted Thursday Aug 2nd, 2007

In a swirling oscillation of flashing lights and heightened senses this Saturday, don't miss the mysterious and hypnotic sound of Indian Jewelry as they coerce upon the best little spot in the Wicker Park/Logan Square section of Chicago, Ronny's Bar. They originally came from Houston, TX, but with a revolving door of musicians and with a breezy and ominously repetitive drone interwoven with all the little nuances of your last trip into the psychedelic forest of fears, Indian Jewelry evoke spiritual hedonism and create transcendent incantations that easily offer them comparisons to Gris Gris, Blues Control, and Wooden Shjips but with a far more distant and rambling core of noise. They've been at it for the better part of the last five years touring and recording under covert names and locales such as NTX+Electric, Borstal Boyz, Turquoise Diamonds, The Corpses of Waco, and The Perpetual War Party Band, you can quickly see how fluid and dynamic they are with their persona, and how fast they are to add random friends to their delicately layered mess of wonder.

With minimal, whispered vocals and an accentuation based eerily around their fixation on the supernatural spirits of indigenous ghosts, Indian Jewelry truly have a unique knack for conjuring the restless, haunting rhythms that bring to mind CHROME's formative Hawkwinded style, and bravely drag it into the 21st century. The latest album, Invasive Exotics released on Lovepump/Monitor in 2006, provides a vividly fetid take on the current state of new psychedelia that's sweeping the country and just so happens to be their fourth full-length and their strongest yet. Still not conviced about that mythical barbiturate rainbow you keep subliminally hearing about? Try checking out their live set Saturday and see exactly what state of mind you find yourself in as Indian Jewelry dissect the formality of 'being in a band' by pulverizing the prototypes and reiterating the intentions of their artistically askew Texan forefathers like The Red Krayola. Dischord artists The Aquarium also open the show.

check out an Indian Jewelry video for "In Love With Loving" right here...