BREAKING SOUNDS: Home Blitz 'Live Outside' 7"

posted Friday Oct 6th, 2006

Sometimes it doesn't matter what sort of splash a particular release makes, it's craft or intentions are not necessarily to cause a reverberating ripple in the big dumb pond of a loosely defined audience. It's almost as if the gallery of ears out there is a collection of discarded scavengers of cool, and the “artist's” only intention is to entertain themselves. Once the song is partially realized and the moment is captured on a dented and sticker laden hand-me-down thrift store 4-track, the magic is gone. Like the mayfly, it's life span is lapsed almost before it's existence is apparent. The ultimate goal of those involved is refreshingly selfish, and oblivious to to any secondary enjoyment that might come about from their private and self-serving musical exploit.––And that's how it should be. All talent aside, the world would be a better place if everyone were in a band. After all, it's the inclination that matters.

The second single from the mysterious New Jersey outfit Home Blitz certainly lives up to the lobbed promise of their first one, released last year. This self-released 2 song slinger was recorded live on a street corner in Princeton, NJ last fall. Just over the crackle of the vinyl you can hear the slight hum of the neighborhood traffic, as the music kicks in, the circumstance in which the songs were recorded is evident. The murmur from the battery powered amps, the guitar pick being pulled across the strings, and the muffed snot-headed vocals are perfect. The sincere and pretensionless delivery is great and comes off at times as being improvised. Sounding like Johnathan Richman via Lou Barlow's Sentridoh, minus the “woe-is-me” heartbreak humdrum, Home Blitz seems to fall in the same field as the Wisconsin one-man-band outfit,Pink Reason. There seems to be a resurgence of this early-nineties neophytic bedroom fuzz and I'm glad to see it back. You can check out a couple of their songs here.