Home Blitz, TV Ghost and VCR Join Golden Error Release Party

Home Blitz Live at Beerland 2008 photo by <a href=
Home Blitz Live at Beerland 2008 photo by Jason Fisher
posted Wednesday Mar 26th, 2008

Saturday night in Brooklyn at the Lucky Cat, the oddly delightful minstrels Home Blitz are set to headline a show that should get your blood flowing and your brain swelling in grand fashion. With two of 2006's most striking 7" records as their pernicious resume, Home Blitz scored big last year and landed their debut full-length album (sadly still only in CD format) on the legendary Indiana label, Gulcher Records. Putting them in the same bag as the Gizmos and The Screamin' Mee Mees, they have continued to infiltrate the soggy minds of today with their inarguably unique and borderless punk scribblings. As if their recordings were captured while in a severe auto accident or while falling off of a cliff, Home Blitz have a sonic fingerprint all their own, and as their live shows happen more often than they used to, it's imperative that you get a chance to witness this beautiful mess. Whereas some tracks like "Stupid Street" have a Modern Lovers-style lyrical innocence to them, it's their nihilistic atrocities such as "Apocalyptic Grades" that sever their possibility for mainstream enjoyability in ways that could castrate the masses quite perfectly. Well, unless that Camel 'Indie Rock Universe' ad campaign fiasco in Rolling Stone really works as it was intended. Look for their next offering in 12" format on Parts Unknown in the very near future, and get the Gulcher CD which includes the 7" tracks, if you haven't already.

TV Ghost make their first trip to the NYC area this weekend and find themselves in the next slot. They bring along an eerie wind of druggy juvenile injustice and a force to be reckoned with, as they splay the intestines of Brooklyn's underground crowd with melodic atrocities commonly associated with last-resort neurological therapy, and entertaining multiple personalities while shopping for bondage underwear with grandma. Get on the TV Ghost stuff before it's over your head, if it's not already, and pick up their 12" on Die Stasi for a cure that works every time.

Golden Error have the honor of this evening's show being in correlation with their latest 12" EP release on the Mind/No Mind label. They continue their spiny and glistening concoction of post-punk tempestuousness into a throb-worthy Fall groove, that will inevitably fill up all the empty hearts with black toothpaste and brown acid. They just keep getting better and it's high time you took the plunge and warmed up to their recorded material before your atrophied body needs assistance just to hit the Paypal button. Pick up the record, right HERE.

And just as I was beginning to wonder about the whereabouts of VCR and the joy their track "Christmas Calculator" brought us back in 2006 on their side of the Daggerman split 7" with LiveFastDie. Here, up they come to reclaim their soiled effervescence and pop the top off the Saturday night they said could never happen. Look for another VCR record to appear out of the thick fog very soon, and don't try to find a reason to miss Saturday night at the Lucky Cat, as you'll sorely regret it.

check out a video clip of Golden Error, courtesy of redlimo right here...