Headspacer and The Yolks Rectify Ronny's

Headspacer at the Cobra Lounge, photo by <a href=
Headspacer at the Cobra Lounge, photo by Canderson
posted Thursday Feb 7th, 2008

Thomas Function had to cancel their show tonight at the illustriously polarizing Ronny's Center for the Performing Arts (bar) in Chicago. It's really too bad as Thomas Function, from Huntsville, Alabama, have their first full-length LP coming out next month on the Bomp! flagship Alive Records, which seems like a perfect home for their sound. With their rough-edged pop that incorporates oddly clean keyboards with jangly guitar, these guys come up with more hooks than an Alabama Teasel Burr. On their Insignificants single released at the beginning of last year on Tic Tac Totally, the title track is the perfect underground hit, with a building, almost marching rhythm that embodies their formula perfectly as a sound that is immediate, danceable and craftily off-center. But, if you're in Chicago and were planning on see them tonight, you're out of luck.

Let's not get all upset though, Headspacer is a newer Chicago band that is somewhat of a super group featuring thee Miss Alex White, Ross Fisher of the 90s outfit, The Brides, and Zach Medearis of Sang de Loups, and formerly of the Black Beauties, and collectively they come up with a sound that you wouldn't attribute to any of them. Playing a muddy concoction of up-tempo pop, their set guarantees a good time.

Headlining the show are The Yolks, whose debut self-release single, "Introducing..." came out this past summer and made a fuzz splash so wet that it had everyone putting their Mummies records away in their Kinks sleeves.

check out a video clip of Headspacer at their very first show in December, right here...