HEAD Play Cancer Benefit at the Funhouse in Seattle Saturday

Head at the Railway Club 2008, photo by <a href=
Head at the Railway Club 2008, photo by Jason Fisher
posted Friday Mar 20th, 2009

This Saturday at the Funhouse in Seattle, a fund raiser will be held for Anna Ives, the sweet-faced child of Zac and Amy Ives of Memphis, Tennessee. Zac is a partner in the revered Goner record label and record store down in Memphis, the front-man in the future cave-smash of the band Final Solutions, and a pretty big fixture in underground music.

Young Anna was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007 and since has underwent a couple of surgeries to remove the tumors in her frontal lobe and has since gone on radiation therapy to slow its regrowth. Recently, she been undergoing a specialized proton radiation treatment with hope of of overcoming her ailment.

As an illustration to the magic of music bringing people together, last month a fund raiser was thrown in the honor of young Anna Ives to help with their mounting medical bills back in Memphis at the Hi Tone. Featuring such local heroes as Harlan T. Bobo and Jack Oblivian among others, in a showcase and holding an auction of services and goodies from all over Memphis, it turned out to be quite a success.

This Saturday, another fundraiser will be held to continue to help the Ives family deal with their growing heap of medical bills and to generally show the love and support the music scene has for them. The headliners, HEAD, are a pillar in the Seattle music community, and their ties to the Goner label in Memphis are strong too, as Goner has touted HEAD for years. Playing pop punk songs that burn through the thin wire between Ramones and straight-up teen misfit canticles, HEAD will undoubtedly put on the show of a lifetime. Also supporting are Thee Manipulators from Vancouver, the pleasantly scuzzy female-fronted Creem City, and the Skate Rock dabblers, The Neon Wilderness. It's a pretty solid line-up head to toe and for a great cause.

If you have it in your heart and in your wallet, please help out the Ives Family by donating to their cause by going HERE.

And you can pick-up the latest Head release from Goner here.