Head and The Fall-Outs at the Funhouse

Head at SXSW last spring. Photo by Sherry Cardino
Head at SXSW last spring. Photo by Sherry Cardino
posted Wednesday Dec 6th, 2006

Part birthday celebration, part record release party, two of the Northwest's favorite criminally arcane rock'n'roll bands from the 90s will come together this Saturday at the long running Funhouse in Seattle. Head, the plucky powerpop act who've influenced dozens of bands the world over, will celebrate their latest record release on their own Evil Clown records. Forming in the early nineties, Head's short catalog of releases spanning the last fifteen years is virtually flawless. Having a knack for clever, clean and catchy tunes with a flintily swagger ala' The Ramones, their set will burn up the stage. They headlined the Goner Records showcase this last spring at SXSW and with plans to reissue their classic “The Monkeys” LP along with their long out-of-print singles, including one with Metal Mike, they seem to be back in full swing. The Fall-Outs, forming in the late 80s and undeniably one the 90s garage rock revivalist benefactors, they released several albums and singles on such labels as Estrus and Super Electro. Headman, Dave Holmes' signature stringy, treble-loaded and high-energy guitar sound paved the way for countless bands to follow. Opening are The Invisible Eyes, who were the last band to be signed to the legendary Bomp roster by Greg Shaw personally, after he passed in the fall of 2004. Melding psych Farfisa, and thigh-slapping 60s bravado, it is impossible to stand still under the spell of their brandishing rock'n'roll.
Celebrating his 40th(!!!) birthday is the longtime Seattle booker, music disciple and all around rock'n'roll mover/zealot, Brian Foss. If a week goes by at the Victim of Time offices and we don't get an email updating us on what's coming up at the Funhouse from Brian, we'd be worried. Someone please buy him a beer for us.

You can buy the new Head LP from Goner here.

Here's a video from the legendary Seattle trio live in 1994 at the Crocodile Cafe. From the film: "Life With The Fall-Outs"