Goodnight Loving, Vancougar Saturday at Ronny's

Goodnight Loving Live at Town Hall Pub 2007 by <a href=
Goodnight Loving Live at Town Hall Pub 2007 by Canderson
posted Thursday Jun 7th, 2007

Goodnight Loving and Vancougar kick off their eastern US tour this Saturday in Chicago at Ronny's. If ever there were tour mates sonically made for each other, these two are it. Both bands tread a strand of harmonious and affable songs that dig-up some sort of folk resurgence with a lick of instant nostalgia. Goodnight Loving caught everyone's attention this past year with their debut, Cemetery Trails on Dusty Medical Records, a collection of perfectly executed twangy pop that laid it all out with sagacious songwriting, clever and insightful lyrics, and a sound that transcends calculated genre hoopla with a straight forward, gimmickless approach that's impossible not to dig. They have another full-length due out this summer titled Crooked Lake, again on Dusty Medical, and a single on Bancroft Records also due out soon, you can checkout the A-side here.
Vancougar, a four piece of honey-eyed Vancouver girls, enact a similar sound as Goodnight Loving, strumming out mellifluous songs that weave a sweet temperament with insightful, adroit songwriting, and harmonies that'll make your ticker quit it's day job to pursue more soul quenching endeavors. This past year they released their debut on Scratch Records and appeared on the Vancouver 4-Way compilation and they have another 7-inch due out sometime this summer on Ugly Pop Records. Chicago's Snowsera open the show.