Golden Boys And Strange Boys Run Down The East Coast

Golden Boys Live at Trailer Space 2007 by <a href=
Golden Boys Live at Trailer Space 2007 by Sherry Cardino
posted Wednesday Aug 8th, 2007

This week down the East coast, come check out the revelling rock'n roll vibrations of two of Texas' most rejuvenating musical machines, the Golden Boys and Strange Boys, as they finish up their summer tour, ending on Sunday at Carabar in Columbus, Ohio. Those of you familiar with the name James Arthur know that it's really hard to stay sober around that guy, so it's with no wonder that The Golden Boys are a tried and true liquor-based band with more left field surprises than empty bottled cliches, and it's on their newest album, Whiskey Flower that they truly shine through the muck and deliver some of the year's most interesting and heartwarming songs. The new album (LP on Hook or Crook, CD on Emperor Jones) has one of the most varied and experimental stabs at psychedelic country/folk these ears have heard in eons, and treads upon familiar vibes of salvation worn by the likes of the Reigning Sound, Alex Chilton, and the Black Lips. They pull it off with their own unique, sloshed personality that transcends its genre's confines and raises the bar with jarring tracks like "La La Birdie," "Yeah I Wanna Know," and the unbelievable "Billy Wore A Dress" which gracefully crosses over into weirdo territory a la the Screamin' Mee Mees or even the untuned brilliance of the Swell Maps. The main dual song writing forces of the band are Matt Hoopengardner and Wes Coleman who conjoin to create an atmospherically addictive platter of hits that swing and drown with life's ups and downs more than any of today's 'alt-country' acts could ever manage, and their unrivaled energy bleeds through in every track. Fans of the Deadly Snakes should especially take note, and rejoice with the fact that roots still run deep in Americana-laced drunk punk, and The Golden Boys knock this one out of the ballpark with all the integrity still locked in place.

Along for the tour are the Strange Boys, another young bunch of disgruntled Texans with a fuzz fetish and a slew of songs that rollick and ramble with such a swagger that you could double their ages and still be knocked out by their abilities. The slurred and jangling songs jog around your head with a catchiness and originality that shows how deep their devotion to 60s songwriting goes, and with their debut 7" due out on Dusty Medical Records this summer, it's a prerequisite slice of Texas garage pop that needs your attention right about NOW. Check out both bands before they self-implode from the heat of the highway, this weekend on Saturday at Supreme Trading in Brooklyn, New York and don't forget your hidden bottle of brown liquor, of course.

check them out on their last leg of the tour at these dates/locations...

Wed., 8/8 PA's Lounge Somerville, MA

Thur., 8/9 Jimmy's Seaside Bar Stamford, CT

Fri., 8/10 Music Gym Boston, MA

Sat., 8/11 Supreme Trading Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sun., 8/12 Carabar Columbus, OH