EXHUMED: The Finders – Finders Keepers LP

posted Friday Mar 27th, 2015

Collecting one side each of their two issued singles—“Which Way” and “Calling Dr. Howard,” respectively (the latter a Three Stooges trib)—along with a clutch of undeservedly unissued tracks to establish the Finders as purveyors of pure pop (the omitted sides are of a different stripe) is the move by Cheap Rewards, and a noble move i’tis. Finders Keepers is filled with requisite jangle and ample rock alike, sounding not dissimilar to member-sharing contemporaries the Poppees & Boyfriends from the other side of the USA, most so on “Sweet Little User.”

Some tracks carry sound similarity to the classic EP they issued under The Rockers name in 1980 (“Summer Love,” “On and Off” and “It All Works Out”) others a bit more produced/updated (“Talk to Me”), but never too so, and uniformly solid throughout. The Finders stand at the median where a thinner-sounding take on early ‘70s power pop and their punkier contemporaries meet, and IMHO that’s where ace noise resides. A top contender for power pop archival dig of 2013.

Stream two tracks from the LP here, and grab a copy of the Lp from Cheap Rewards right HERE.