posted Friday May 18th, 2007

The Fe Fi Fo Fums latest single came out on Rob's House Records this month. The Seattle band who's take on the budget rock schtick is the next fiscal down-step to the glorious nadir of perfectly sloppy drum beats, leave-well-enough-alone song structures, and check bouncing as a lifestyle choice, really broke through on this release. On the A-side, The Fums deliver one of their usual slipshod dins of messy, and rhythmically clamorous caveman stomps that always seem to capture the ribald and irresponsible resolve that legitimatizes youthful indiscretions and lines our formative years with such great memories. On the B-side side though, is where they truly shine through, as the song “You Might Get Me” hits that tough-hearted tenderness appeal dead on. With the same romantic wrong side of the tracks appeal the Stones invented, and The Ramones later perfected, The Fums hit it home with a perfect rendition of the thug-hearted balladry that young women crave. It's this same angle that Joey Ramone used to land Riff Randell, and how Mr. Jagger was able to rake 'em in for so long. The whole idea that girls love the misunderstood sleazeball is classic in rock'n'roll. This slow tempo hit tightens it up with lyrical content that delivers a warning to it's muse while nonchalantly reaching out for affection telling her to “watch out, you might get me.” They've definitely broken some new ground here, you can pick up their new single directly from Rob's House here and listen to the B-side here.