Fall-Outs and Blank Its Slide into Slabtown

Blank Its performing at the 2005 Blackout in Chicago, photo by<a href=
Blank Its performing at the 2005 Blackout in Chicago, photo byCanderson
posted Friday Apr 11th, 2008

The Fall-Outs are playing a show on Saturday with the Blank Its and The Pity Fucks at Slabtown in Portland. The Fall-Outs were one of the premier bands in the late 80s and early 90s that ushered in the revival of roots flavored 60s rock'n'roll. They had the perfect amalgam of twangy pop and cleverly presented musical abrasion that oddly landed them in a field that alluded to a gamut of genres, without seeming homogenized. Releasing four albums in their heyday on labels such as Sub Pop, Estrus, and Super Electro, The Fall-Outs seemed to be a band capable of breaking through to a more mainstream audience, but even with hits like "Ambition," they never quite made it to the other side. Thankfully for those of us smart enough to realize their brilliance, you can now download the digital version of their first album HERE.

The Blank Its aren't much further from The Fall-Outs sonically, yet they have more of a futuristic sound, playing traditional instruments in such a way that their music seems as if it were ringing from burnt-out vacuum cleaners. They have a brand new single on their own label, Band Its Records just released this month, that you should pick up HERE. Also opening the show are The Pity Fucks, who play a pretty caustic version of blues oriented rock'n'roll.

check out a video clip of The Fall-Outs performing "Here I Come" on The Spud Goodman Show way back in 1988, courtesy of panfilms, right here...