EXHUMED: Third World War A Little Bit Of Urban Rock 7"

posted Friday Nov 10th, 2017

Oh sweet lord Jesus, Just Add Water Records is doing God's work (right before his birthday, good timing!) in acquiring the smashing "Little Bit of Urban Rock" single in all it's non-LP glory from the mother-smashers in cheif and one of the UK's ballsiest gatecrashers, Third World War. The throb is just inescapable, the vocals will shave the hairs off'a your bits in two lashes of a lamb's tail, and that scraggly guitar screech will never be washed from you inner ear canal, so why even fight it? Originally released in 1971 on Fly (UK) and Polydor (Germany), this double-A sider was even featured in the Sing Sing Records glam book Wired Up. Although their core sound isn't exactly glam, it still rides the line of hard bubblegum and is just about a perfect slice of proto-Cock Sparrer slow grind boogie-boy bovver rock as you can find. This is truly a big deal because for years, Third World War records were so hard to come by, it really hurt their legacy in the pantheon of proto-punk to remain so inaccessible and obscure so this is the light at the end of the tunnel, and finally a chance for you to grab a copy of this very important music at a completely sane price.

That goddamn piano, the physically abusive guitar, and of course, that voice that made a still soft-as-fuck Lemmy (in Sam Gopal) stop and listen and learn. Third World War should have been kicking down the doors of stadiums across the globe in the early 70s, but for some reason, they slipped through the cracks. Let's hope this is the last generation to fail to acknowledge this supreme audio brutality and that our future civilization will be built by stronger convictions based upon the gnarly teachings of the UK's surliest thug rockers, Terry Stamp, Jim Avery and company.

Demand a copy at your local record retailer or get a copy direct from the label RIGHT HERE, but don't let this chance pass you by.