EXHUMED: Screaming Urge BUY LP (1980)

posted Wednesday Sep 20th, 2023

“Homework” was an earth-shaker the first time I heard it. Blasting off the sketchy CD-R on the Hyped2Death volume of Homework Volume 1: American DIY R-T, it defined frantic punked-out power pop from the Midwest. In such great company on those comps, sometimes the tracks seemed to seep into each other, yet Screaming Urge seemed to consistently dig itself deeper, standing out and don’t forget, they named their entire SERIES after that invigorating cut! Columbus, Ohio, in the late 1970s had an incredible cast of characters running around Mr. Brown’s, Crazy Mama’s and such. Tommy Jay, Mike Rep, Ron House, Jim Shepherd, Nudge, it must have just been a brown leather fever dream! “Released” on Mike Rep’s New Age label in 1980, the “Homework” single is pure American DIY punk gold that really checks all the boxes.

Overbearing parents, teenage frustration, beer, everything you’d want in a punchy underground would-be hit. Later the same year they released their powerhouse debut LP BUY, (aka The Blue Album) on Garner Records, which has sadly been out-of-print for 43 years, until now. Packaged together with the “Homework” 7” tracks and freshly remastered, this Ohio Punk milestone is finally available again.

Pre-Order the expanded archival LP from HoZac Records HERE