EXHUMED: The Outsiders 'Calling On Youth' LP

posted Thursday Sep 25th, 2014

Not many people know that The Outsiders' debut LP was the first self-released DIY LP of the 1st punk wave in the UK, but thanks to Beat Generation, this elusive piece of the punk puzzle is now accessible again, albeit in a very small edition of only 500 copies. Most punk fans already know that the Buzzcocks' Spiral Scratch EP is the first self-released 45rpm release of the UK punk movement, but this debut from The Outsiders is hardly anything you can remain ignorant of any longer. From Wimbledon, and known as the launching point for Adrian Borland's music career, the debut LP from The Outsiders on the band's own Raw Edge Records stands as a testament to the vigorous drive of the spirit of punk in the early months of 1977, and has been sorely unavailable for years since it's original release, until now.

As raw and visceral as any of the Damned's early tracks and just as melodic and deranged as anything on the Raw Records label (The Users included), The Outsiders slipped through the cracks and subsequently released their One to Infinity EP in addition to their final Close Up LP in 1978, before imploding after Bob Lawrence and Adrian Janes left, and Adrian Borland began working on his next and most critically-acclaimed project, the post-punk band known as The Sound. And while the sound on these early recordings isn't out of place with the rough UK punk sound of the moment, the track "On The Edge" is eerily reminiscent of San Francisco first-wave punk cassanovas CRIME, in all their dirgey, slow-grind glory.

By all means, pick up The Outsiders' Calling On Youth from Beat Generation at your favorite local record store, or right HERE.