EXHUMED: X__X 'Sticky Fingers' LP

posted Tuesday Aug 19th, 2014

At this point, Ohio proto punk GODS the electric eels really need no introduction, but their lesser-known off-shoot X__X, or Ex Blank Ex, has just recently had their first turn at an official reissue after releasing two earth-moving singles on Cleveland's epic Drome Records in the late 1970s. Featuring the eels' John Morton on guitar, The Mirrors' Andrew Klimeyk, and Anton Fier on drums, later of Pere Ubu, The Feelies, etc. X__X were a full-throttle art terror troupe with nothing to lose in the grip of punk's peak of popularity, and their ensuing singles bridged the gap between the increasingly radio-friendly "punk version" of pop and the gnarled, wart-covered primordial slime still stuck to the corners of the electric eels overall temperance.

This new collection of all four tracks from the Drome singles is supplemented with practice demos, live versions, as well as updated eels hits such as "Dolly Boy," "No No," and "Agitated" which should place this compilation square into the minds of the CLE/OH infatuation cognoscenti (join us, won't you?) as another necessary block in the always-unfurling story of the Midwest's most prolific early punk stomping ground.

But that's not all, this unit is actually ON TOUR and will be rolling through the Midwest this week so if you're lucky enough to catch them in Cleveland, Indianapolis or Chicago, by all means, do bear witness to these living legends of CLE noise, right there in the flesh, because you know, someday your grandchildren, or that helpful lady at your nursing home might really be blown away that you actually got to see X__X, one of Ohio punk history's true missing links, and a spectacle of aural animosity you just can't compare with anything else.

Wednesday, August 20 2202 N. Illinois Satellite Wholesale & Distribution (w/ Deezen)
Thursday, August 21 The Empty Bottle in Chicago (w/Plastic Crimewave Syndicate)
Friday August 22nd at The Painted Lady in Detroit (w/Timmy’s Organism)
Saturday August 23rd at The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern in Cleveland (w/Val Seeley)

STREAM "No Nonsense" right here, order a copy of the LP (only 350 pressed on black!) HERE and grab a download of the X__X album HERE.