EXHUMED: Various Artists Subnormal Girls Vol 2 LP

posted Wednesday Apr 19th, 2017

Waiting Room Records’ second Subnormal Girls compilation collects single songs by obscure bands from all over Europe— Germany, the UK, Austria— and Japan.

The sounds spanning the comp are so seamless; if I didn’t know any better, I’d think most of the tracks were from the same band, or at least from the same scene. Turns out, every track is from a different band and some are continents apart from one another— very unlikely that they’d even heard (let alone heard of) each other.

Another example of parallel evolution in art & music, the collection features women-lead bands spanning the globe, whose work experimented with minimal new-wave sounds with vintage synthesizers and electronic drums to discordant post-punk jams and pretty much every combination of those styles.

Groups are trying to pretend they invented this sound today, so it’s important, as a music enthusiast, to know what’s already been achieved!

STREAM the Subnormal Girls Vol 2 LP compilation right here and grab a copy of the LP wherever fine records are sold, or right HERE.